Anonymous asked: I am ridiculously in love with Manuel Ferrara.

I see the appeal, but in general he literally terrifies me… But then I think he was also in this one video where the lady actor has some breakdown and he stops and comforts her and whispers to her and ugh, it melted my dang heart. That’s the Manuel Ferrara I want.

Anonymous asked: Hello! Ok so I'm a sub; I know that and I'm cool with that. The issue is I don't have a Dom. At school, my friends knew I was a sub and would help take care of me; they're all dominate and knew what to do to get me through a day. But now it's summer and my friends aren't here and I don't have anyone to do that. What do you suggest I do when I have those submissive urges and no one is there to help? It's getting to be a more daily issue.

Hey, babe, sorry for such a late reply. I juuuust saw this.

I sort of know exactly what you mean minus the dom friends at school part. You could probably go about satisfying those urges in a couple ways depending on exactly what you need:
1. Get a real life dom. [Yes, I realize it’s not that easy…at all.] Someone nearby whether as part of or not part of an actual relationship would definitely help the most, I think, ‘cause it’ll be in person and legit and things are always more intense and awesome with feelings involved.
2. Get a fuckbuddy at home. [Also, I realize, not always that easy.] Preferably a friend who knows what you need and will help you during the summer, that way you have the school-time and summer-time all covered.
3. Online dom. If you don’t exactly NEED physical contact and are talking about submissive urges like being told what to wear, eat, etc. - that sort of stuff, an online dom would be super beneficial for you. Not always, but sometimes I feel like I just need someone to make my decisions for me… If those are the only kinds of urges you need satisfied, I’d recommend this one.
I’d probably suggest trying to find one maybe through Tumblrs on here or like sites like FetLife and CollarMe… Of course, I recommend approaching those sites with your guard totally up. I recently have ran into a couple troubling instances with men on FetLife and it is not fun. Don’t give out information, don’t even do face photos until you feel as though you know someone, no identifying stuff for safety’s sake.

I hope this helped even a little bit; maybe you’ve already fixed the problem!
Either way, be safe, be smart, and trust your gut. <3

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His face

The faces and man-moans always make it better.

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Doms who praise their subs! 

Doms who body-worship! 

Doms who are thorough and tender with aftercare!

Doms who caress their subs a lot!

Gentle!doms!!!!!!!!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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sexual preference: men in expensive suits with protective instincts

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